Watermill Baalsbrugge at Night

Here you can see some pictures of the Baalsbruggermolen in Kerkrade I took during the blue hour and at night. This mill is located along the river the Worm, a small river at the border between the Netherlands (Kerkrade / Haanrade) and Germany (Herzogenrath / Merkstein). This watermill was owned by the Abbey Rolduc until the beginning of the 19th century (here some pictures taken at the Abbey Rolduc).

Holy Heart Of Jesus Church in Haanrade (Kerkrade) at Night

This Church of Haanrade has been photographed by me at the beginning of the night, during the blue hour.

The Holy Heart of Jesus Church is a roman-catholic Church in Haanrade (Kerkrade), The Netherlands. Building started 1931 after a design of Caspar Franssen and Joseph Franssen from Roermond. In front of the church you can find a statue of the Holy Heart from the sculptor Victor Sprenkels

Rolduc during the blue hour

Rolduc is situated in Kerkrade, southern part of the Netherlands. History goes back to 1104. For a long time it was used as an abbey, nowadays it is used as a seminary. Beyond that it’s a place for conferences. And there are located a hotel, a restaurant and a café.

Further information: http://www.rolduc.com/en/index.html

About the history: http://www.rolduc.com/en/history.html

For me it is an ideal place to take pictures. Some of them I like to present here at my homepage.

Almost night at Rolduc.

Mine Shaft Nulland in Kerkrade

Pictures taken by darkness of the Mine Shaft Nulland in Kerkrade. This region was filled with underground mining. This building was built in 1907 and closed in 1969.

More information available in Dutch: