Vrijthof at Maastricht

The basilica of Saint Servatius and the Main Guard at the Vrijthof in Maastricht are beautifully illuminated during the blue hour. Every year the summer concerts of André Rieu take place here at the Vrijthof, in Maastricht, the city where André Rieu was born. Some nice cafés and restaurants at the Vrijthof make it a cozy place. Also the famous preuvenemint with delicious tasting at a high level (for everyone) takes place here.

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Santorini after Sunset

During the blue hour, Oia is illuminated beautifully and the last daylight is leaving at the horizon. This creates a great mood at Santorini, which only few tourists will see because they all left after the sun had set.

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Forum Romanum at Night (Panorama)

The very imposing Forum Romanum in Rome, Italy, during twilight as a panoramic picture. I’ve taken this picture in the year 2010, when the Forum Romanum wasn’t illuminated at night, so most of the light is the last natural light of that day.

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Tangermünde Harbour at Night

This picture shows the harbour of Tangermünde after sunset. The lights are already switched on while the clouds are still being illuminated by the last rays of sunlight. The harbour of Tangermünde is situated at the mouth of the small stream Tanger into the big river Elbe.

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St. Stephan Church in Tangermünde at Night

This picture shows the Saint Stephan Church in Tangermünde during the blue hour. The last rays of sunlight illuminate the clouds and make them red whereas the church is being illuminated by electric light. This picture was taken from Tangermünde Castle.

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Stoupa Beach at Night

At this beautiful sandy beach of Stoupa in the Mani, some cliffs and fishing boats can be found, nicely arranged. In the evening, after darkness has fallen, this arrangement combined with the illuminations gives a nice long exposure with a great mood.

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Porta S Giacomo (Bergamo) at Night

This is a picture vom the Porta S Giacomo in Bergamo during the blue hour. You have a beautiful view alongside the city wall and the upper parts of Bergamo (Citta Alta). From here one can see the bridge leading to the gate of San Giacomo. The city is nicely illuminated and in the background the mountains are still visible.

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The Rodahal in Kerkrade at night

This is a photograph of the Rodahal in Kerkrade. It hosts a variety of events. The most famous are the WMC, the World Music Concours and the Schlagerfestival. But also on Carnival there are parties in this building.

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