Bergamo (Lombardy)

Bergamo is a very beautiful city in Lombardy, northern Italy. The city is near to Milan, which is the main destination for tourism in the region. But if you visit Bergamo you will see, that this city has a lot to offer.

Bergamo – Day 1


Bergamo – Dag 2

At our second day of our visit to Bergamo I took some pictures with intense colours. Especially the photos I took at the golden hour and the blue hour are very satisfying to me. The panorama view over the city really is breathtaking. And the colours around sunset are marvellous.


Hike in Autumn around Bergamo

From Citta Alta we had a nice hike in the northern Area of Bergamo. We saw the former monastery Santa Maria in Valmarina. We really had a beautiful autumn day with intense colours.