My Gallery showing pictures from Berlin has two new photographs taken during the blue hour. First the Brandenburger Tor with tracers. There you can see the television tower at the Alexanderplatz. The second picture displayes the Reichstag, where the Bundestag is seated.

Brandenburger Tor at night
The Brandenburger Tor during the blue hour with tracers from passing cars and the well-known hotel Adlon and the television tower at the Alexanderplatz in the background.


Reichtstag by night
Reichstag Building with Reichtsagskuppel during the blue hour in the winter with some snow.

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A new Gallery about Euboea (Evia) from our vacation 2011 has been published. This beautiful Island in Greece is definitely worth a visit

Here some examples from the new Gallery:

Loutra Edipsou around sunset
The hot springs of Loutra Edipsou are well known in Greece. Here a nice view overlooking the village of Loutra Aidipsou around sunset.
Forests of Euboae - a hikers paradise
The forests at Euboea are perfect for hiking.
Drymona Waterfall - Euboea
Near Drymona on Euboea you can find a nice waterfall. Also the pond can be used for swimming.

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The Beautiful Waterfalls of Polilimnio

Between Kalamata and Pylos at the Peloponnese you can find a little village, called Charavgi. Here you can find a real gem of nature, the wonderful waterfalls of Polilimnio. Crystal clear, cold water in some small lakes and beautiful waterfalls. Polilimnio means “many lakes” and in these lakes you can take a swim, but be aware of the snakes. And you can take a hike along a small adventurous path connecting the waterfalls.

Santorini at Night

Santorini is an Island of exceptional beauty. Especially during night and at the blue hour. Today I want to present a picture of Santorini at night, taken in Oia, a little while after sunset.

Santorini at night
Santorini at night – the blue hour at Oia overlooking the caldera

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