We visited the Peloponnese in Greece three times. Here a collection of the photographs I like most.

Palea Epidauros

Palea Epidauros (also called Palaia Epidauros) is situated in the eastern part of the Peloponnese. It is a small, very relaxing town directly facing the sea. To the famous Theatre of Epidauros it is a ride of a couple of miles to the west.

Here some pictures taken from the beautiful Hotel Yialasi, where we stayed during our vacation.


Methana is a volcanic peninsula, connected to the Peloponnese.

A Cloud over Methana

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For a couple of hours we visited this very beautiful city, the former capital of Greece, called Nafplio.

Syntagma Square of Nafplio with castle at night.
Syntagma Square of Nafplio at the blue hour. In the background you can see the castle.

Here you can find some pictures from Nafplio.

Waterfalls of Polilimnio

Waterfall at Polilimnio
The waterfalls at Polilimnio near Charavgi are a true paradise. The water is very clear and the small lakes are very inviting for a swim.

Here a gallery with Pictures of the Waterfalls of Polilimnio


Kardamili (sometimes written as Kardamyli) is a small village in the Mani region south of Kalamata. Kardamili is very recommendable for a visit or vacation. You can expect good food and a relaxing athmosphere.

Kardamili Panorama with Koroni in the background
A panoramic view over Kardamili and the Mediterrenean

My page about Kardamili and pictures taken there.


Poros is a small island situated in the Saronic Gulf less than 200m from the Peloponnese.

Poros at sunset
The city of Poros during sunset, seen from a ferry that connects Poros with Galatas at the Peloponnese.

My page about Poros and pictures taken there


Stoupa is a small village with sandy beach at the Mani, about 40km south of Kalamata. It is the next village south of Kardamili.

Stoupa at Night
The lights from Stoupa reflect beautifully in the sea

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