Euboea (Evia)

In 2011 we visited the beautiful Island of Euboea, sometimes called Evia. Euboea is the second largest island of Greece. Tourism hasn’t discovered the island yet (for the most part), so you can relax and enjoy between the locals.

Travel report

Here I have made a report from the first days of our travel in 2011 to Euboea. German only (I’m sorry)

Day 1 + 2: Arrival (24.-25.9.2011)

Day 3: Hiking through Rovies up to Paleiochori, Damia and back (26.9.)

Day 4: Waterfalls of Drymona, up into the mountains and a short visit to Oreoi (27.9.)

Day 5: Back to the Waterfalls of Drymona and a visit of Loutra Edipsou (28.9.)

Day 6: Hiking along the coast south of Limni and a lunch in Limni (29.9.)

Day 7: Agios Nikolaos and the beach of Koutsoubri (30.9.)

Day 8: A plane tree, 600 years old near Mandoudi and than a hike south of Prokopi (1.10.)

Day 9: Hiking from Lichada to the cape and another visit to Loutra Edipsou (2.10.)

Day 10: A short hike from Pili into the mountains and a visit to the sandy beach near Kria Vrisi (3.10.)

Day 11: Hiking along the coast from Rovies, dinner in Ilia Mare (4.10.)

Day 12: Last day at the beach in Rovies (5.10.)

Day 13: Travelling back from Athens via Vienna to Dusseldorf

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