Kardamili (Kardamyli)

Kardamili (sometimes written as Kardamyli) is a beautiful small village in the north of the Mani region, about 40km south of Kalamata. The buildings are very characteristic for the Mani style. Kardamili is situated at the base of the Taygetos mountain region (up to 2407m). It is a perfect setting for hiking and mountainbiking. But you also can just relax. Kardamili also is a good starting point to explore the Mani region or to visit the city of Kalamata or Byzantine Mystras near Sparta. In Kardamili you can find some nice coffee houses and tavernas. Also you can find some nice shops here. The biological shop is very recommendable. Kardamili also offers a beach, called “Ritsi”, where you also can find a tavern, popular with the locals. Also, Kardamili was used as a filming location for the movie “Before Midnight” with Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke. Furthermore you can find some nice beaches south of Kardamili, for example Kalamitsi beach.

Here a gallery from Kardamili:

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