Praia da Falesia – Algarve – around midnight

This is Praia da Falesia, a beautiful, very long and sandy beach at the Algarve, Portugal. Standing on top of the cliffs this picture was taken around midnight as a long exposure.

De Praia da Falesia aan de Algarve rond middernacht als opname met lange sluitertijd.

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Algarve – looking down at the Praia do Camilo

This beautiful sandy beach at the Algarve, Portugal, is situated near Lagos. The beach is called Praia do Camilo and is quite picturesque. The rock formations are made of sandstone. This picture was taken during the golden hour with rather changeable weather, resulting in a nice warm picture with even a part of a rainbow still visible.

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Praia do Carvoeiro – Faro District

Carvoeiro is a small village in the Algarve region, Portugal. Surrounded by high cliffs the beautiful sandy beach is perfectly sheltered against wind. So this place is popular amongst tourists who want to spend the winter here. But I can imagine that in summer the beach will be full too.

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Beach of Camilo – Algarve

The Algarve, and therefore Portugal too, no finally has found a place on my website. This new page starts with some pictures taken on a very beautiful beach, the beach of Camilo (Praia do Camilo in Portuguese)

Here some examples:

Praia do Camilo - Algarve - blue hour - Portugal
Cliffs at the beach of Camilo, a very special beach at the Algarve, near Lagos taken during the blue hour as a long exposure shot.

Praia do Camilo, Algarve (Portugal) near Lagos
The beach of Camilo is completely surrounded by cliffs. Stairs lead from the landside down to this nice sandy beach.

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