Archeological Showcase in the old city of Aachen

In the Elisengarten in Aachen, directly behind the Elistenbrunnen, this Archeological Showcase can be found. Here you can see different stages of the history of Aachen. With Illumination and the cathedral in the background give this placa a nice athmosphere.

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At the Burg Rode in Herzogenrath

This picture of the Burg Rode in Herzogenrath was taken during the blue hour. The Terrace, the blue air and the beautiful illumination give this picture of the medieval castle of Herzogenrath a special mood.

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Rathaus (City Hall) and Dom (Cathedral) in Aachen from the Lousberg

From the Lousberg in Aachen you have a splendid view over the city. In this picture you can see the City Hall (Rathaus) and the Cathedral (Dom) of Aachen. This picture was taken in the evening during the blue hour. The Cathedral and City Hall are beautifully illuminated.

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Hotel Schloss Tangermünde at night

To my album Tangermunde I added a picture of the main building of the castle beautifully illuminated at night

Hotel Schloss Tangermünde bij nacht
The castle of Tangermunde – this is the main building of the hotel – illuminated during the blue hour.

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