Historic City Hall of Tangermünde

This picture shows the historic city hall of Tangermünde. It is considered as a very beautiful example of secular architecture of the late middle ages in the northern part of Germany. Nowadays it is being used as a museum about the history of the city of Tangermünde and as a wedding location.

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Rathaus (City Hall) and Dom (Cathedral) in Aachen from the Lousberg

From the Lousberg in Aachen you have a splendid view over the city. In this picture you can see the City Hall (Rathaus) and the Cathedral (Dom) of Aachen. This picture was taken in the evening during the blue hour. The Cathedral and City Hall are beautifully illuminated.

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Maastricht Town Hall

The historic town hall was built during the Dutch Golden Age, the 17th century. In 1981 a European Summit took place with Dries van Agt, Helmut Schmidt, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing and Margaret Thatcher and others.

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